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Whippoorwill Septic is proud to provide high quality septic system services to home and business owners in East Texas.

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If your home needs septic service in Silsbee, Texas, choose the experienced and professional team at Whipporwill Septic.

We know you want to keep your East Texas septic system working properly at an affordable price. You might think you can install a septic system for yourself.

Here’s why you need us:

  • We deal with permits so you don’t have to.
  • We provide a licensed site evaluator, so you don’t have to find one.
  • Lots of septic systems require a licensed installer to perform installation.
  • Many systems can’t be sold to private homeowner’s, only to factory representatives.
  • You don’t have to hire a contractor to dig a hole for your septic tank.
  • We’re trained to evaluate slopes and to create a custom system design for your property.

Dealing with septic tank issues can be frustrating. Have your septic system installation done right the first time by Whipporwill Septic.

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Wastewater Treatment in Silsbee, TX That Works for You.

Install: Septic tank installation in the Silsbee, Texas area is easy with a professional septic company.

We will evaluate your property, help you decide on the best location for your leach field, and help you choose the system that best fits your families needs.

We have extensive experience with conventional septic systems and aerobic septic systems in rural areas.

Maintain: Septic tank pumping should happen every 3-5 years or when you begin to notice signs of equipment failure.

Septic pumping and cleaning helps to eliminate solid waste that builds up in your plastic or concrete tank.

Septic tank cleaning is a part of routine maintenance for both conventional systems and aerobic septic systems in the Silsbee, Texas area.

How to Maintain Your Treatment Systems & Avoid Costly Repairs

1. Regularly inspect your septic system and drain fields.

2. Schedule out your next septic pump.

3. Keep lids to your tanks closed, secure, and easily accessible.

4. Direct water from gutters or run off away from the drain field.

5. Avoid using your garbage disposal, as it increases the amount of solid waste build up in your septic tank.

4 Simple Steps to Septic System Installation

Complete an online form to schedule your site evaluation.

Compare and choose the best system for your property and lifestyle.

Design your septic system with a registered sanitarian.

Schedule installation at your convenience.