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Whippoorwill Septic is proud to provide high quality septic system services to home and business owners in East Texas.

Site Evaluations

Site evaluations for septic systems in East Texas require the keen eye and in-depth knowledge that only experience can bring to your septic system installation. At Whippoorwill, we’re staffed by a licensed site evaluator who will thoroughly check the site conditions of your property and gather information to aid in choosing and designing the best type of septic system, and then ensure that it is implemented correctly from the beginning.

We start by reviewing relevant records and performing soil analysis, reviewing the building plans of your home or business, and ensuring your site is ready for a new septic system. We’ll meet with you personally to discuss your specific needs, and help you choose the right septic system based on your expected water usage and more.

With a site evaluation performed by Whippoorwill, you can save both time and money in the future by finding the right septic system for your property. Contact us today to learn more about our site evaluation process for your septic system installation!