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Whippoorwill Septic is proud to provide high quality septic system services to home and business owners in East Texas.

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Residential and Commercial Septic Installation

Septic system installation requires a set of skills and practices that can be applied by the experienced and knowledgeable crew at Whippoorwill Septic. While some may assume that a septic system is no more than a large underground holding tank on their property, they’ll quickly find their systems are far more complex. That’s why residential and commercial septic systems in East Texas should always be installed by the professionals.

Thanks to our experience and expertise, the crew at Whippoorwill Septic can ensure the complicated job of installing your East Texas septic system is done properly from initial site evaluation to design and completed installation.

Aerobic and Conventional Septic Systems

When choosing the right septic system for your property, you may encounter a curious choice: should you opt for a conventional septic system, or an aerobic septic system in East Texas? During our initial site evaluation, we can help you determine which type of septic system can be installed on your property as well as which type is best suited for your property.

In a conventional septic system, wastewater containing both liquids and solids flows from your home or business into a septic tank where the solids fall out and are digested anaerobically. Liquids flow out of the tank to an underground leach field. In the leach field, wastewater flows downward through the soil and is naturally treated and purified before it is returned to the groundwater.

Conversely, aerobic septic systems should be thought of as miniature wastewater treatment plants. Wastewater from the home or business flows into a large tank that is divided into three chambers. Solids fall out in the first chamber and are processed anaerobically just like in a conventional septic tank. Liquids spill into the aerobic treatment chamber where air is bubbled throughout the chamber and microbes break down the waste far more effectively. The treated wastewater then passes through a chlorinator into a pump chamber. From here, clear, odorless, and environmentally friendly water is pumped to a spray field or to underground drip irrigation lines.

If you’re in need of residential or commercial aerobic or conventional septic system installation services in Lufkin, Nacogdoches, Jacksonville, Woodville, Jasper, Crockett, Trinity, Livingston, Lumberton, or elsewhere in the East Texas area, call Whippoorwill Septic today!

Site Evaluations

Site evaluations for septic systems in East Texas require the keen eye and in-depth knowledge that only experience can bring to your septic system installation. At Whippoorwill, we’re staffed by a licensed site evaluator who will thoroughly check the site conditions of your property and gather information to aid in choosing and designing the best type of septic system, and then ensure that it is implemented correctly from the beginning.

We start by reviewing relevant records and performing soil analysis, reviewing the building plans of your home or business, and ensuring your site is ready for a new septic system. We’ll meet with you personally to discuss your specific needs, and help you choose the right septic system based on your expected water usage and more.

With a site evaluation performed by Whippoorwill, you can save both time and money in the future by finding the right septic system for your property. Contact us today to learn more about our site evaluation process for your septic system installation!

Septic System Design

When it comes to designing the perfect septic system for your property in East Texas, Whippoorwill is staffed by a registered sanitarian who can design a septic system based on the results of your site evaluation.

A typical septic system design involves site data analysis, flow calculations, choosing applicable treatment methods, preparing appropriate specifications, and following proper permitting and code requirements for your area. Without performing these tasks, your septic system may not be up to its task.

At Whippoorwill, we understand that all septic systems are not created equal. Depending on your specific requirements, you may need a custom conventional or aerobic septic system designed and installed by our team of experienced professionals. Contact us today to learn more about our conventional and aerobic septic system design services in East Texas!

Maintenance of Septic Systems

Is your aerobic septic system in need of repair? Sometimes, you may not need to replace your entire system – especially if you have an ally on your side like the friendly crew at Whippoorwill Septic.

Whether your air compressor has failed, your pump has malfunctioned, sprinkler heads need replacing or otherwise, we can service and perform maintenance on your existing aerobic septic system to restore it back to proper functionality.

Believe it or not, septic systems are not simply installed once and forgotten. They often need regularly scheduled maintenance services or overhauls in order to remain at optimal efficiency, and to prevent further failures down the road.

When we install an aerobic system on your property, we will inspect the system to ensure it is working properly 3 times a year, free of charge for the first two years. After that, we offer service contracts to continue inspecting the system 3 times per year to ensure the system is working as designed. Additionally, we provide service contracts on most major brands of aerobic septic systems regardless of who installed the system or when it was installed.

For a complete estimate on the range of maintenance services and repairs your residential or commercial septic system in East Texas requires, contact Whippoorwill Septic today!

If you’re in need of East Texas commercial or residential aerobic or conventional septic system installation, site evaluation, septic system design, or maintenance for your existing septic system, feel free to contact us today!